Tuesday, June 3, 2014

New posts this week: Thawing the relationship; SBY's legacy to operate from beyond the presidential palace; Indonesian films getting noticed

Please enjoy these new additions:

 "Indo-Oz relations set to drift back to normal," By Ross B. Taylor, June 2014.
Will Abbott's six hour stop-over be enough time to get things moving in the right direction or will the diplomatic rhetoric fail to really heal what are fundamental policy differences?

"Indonesian whispers: RI to become China containment?," By Lauren Gumbs and Colin Singer, June 2014.
Colin spoke to some suspicious locals who say Indonesia is to be used as a buffer against China's ongoing encroachments.

"Indonesian films set to break bamboo ceiling," By Alexandra Hearne, May 2014.
 AIYA's Alexandra reports on some great Indo films.

 Extra reading:

 It tends to get nasty towards the end; campaign tensions see parties trading bile.

PM Abbott is having another crack at his "Jakarta not Geneva" pivot.

Being nice to Islamic hardliners will always lead to egg on ones face.

Unilateralism is psychologically primitive. Evolve Australia!

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