Student Editorials

The Indonesia Institute initiated a writing competition with UNPAR Indonesian university students (Universitas Katolik Parahyangan), and UP students (Universitas Pendidikan), with the support of The Strategic Review and the West Australian government. 

The three best student contributions are listed here. We welcome comments and feedback on these articles.

"Indonesia's Future Economic Wellbeing Defined," by Alya Nurshabrina, October 2014.
A must read student essay submitted for ii's writing competition. Does a roaring economy make a difference to the many Indonesians still struggling to get by?

"Democracy, Gen X Cynicism and the Price of Doing Business," By Stanley Widianto, March 2014. Stanley discusses the situation facing first time voters and encourages people to have their say at the ballot box. He says Indonesian youth want to be involved in democratic processes but suffer disillusion with a system slow to change.

"Between Teaching and Treachery: the politics of the education business in Indonesia," by Alya Nurshabrina, March 2014. Alya says education is still used to prop up corrupt interests and should be a major electoral platform.

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