Wednesday, July 9, 2014

It's election week and we're all on the edge of our seats. Please enjoy the latest serve of posts.

While the elections were held today (an amazing feat for the world's largest single day direct elections involving 187 million people) and Joko and Prabowo both claimed it, we still have to wait until around the 22nd for the official results. It's a killer, but in the meantime catch up on some reading with the latest articles:

"Prabowo vs Jokowi: foreign policy implications of the presidential elections," by Colin Brown, July 2014. What is at stake for Australia if either leader gets a run in the iron throne?

"A Prabowo win will affirm elite legitimacy," by Lauren Gumbs, July 2014.
It's hard to get rid of the old guard.

"Indonesia's presidency, and democracy, on a knife's edge," by Ross Taylor, July 2014.
How much guidance does democracy need?

"Indonesia's elections: promises and policy outcomes," by Edward Parker, June 2014.
A bit of background on Indonesian elections, policy achievments and challenges. 

"Surabaya sex trade shut down," by Lauren Gumbs, June 2014.
Dolly undergoes forced closure. "You'll thank us later," says the Suarabya administration.

And some extra links:

Both candidates have delcared themselves winners but there are still a few chickens to count.

Kate Lamb reminds us why this race is so important.

AIYA has got a list of great tweeters to follow for up to date election coverage.

Too many good articles in the latest Inside Indonesia to pick just one.

Prabowo had the 'bold and strong' market cornered.

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