Sunday, October 12, 2014

New posts this week: Bali Bombing anniversary a time for reflection on current situation; Measuring happiness through economic achievements; Still an uneasy situation between Papuans for independence and the Indonesian Government

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Sunday 12 October marked the 12th anniversary of the 2002 Bali bombing, highlighting the fact that Indonesia and Australia are still addressing ongoing terrorist threats, exacerbated by civil wars in the Middle East. Australia has focused its energy and military power on Middle Eastern wars that many Australians feel simply makes Australia a target. With tensions brewing in our immediate area we should make sure relationships with neighbours like Indonesia are priority number one. Read what one of our members had to say. 

Incidentally, the Bali Bombing brought Australia and Indonesia closer together and we have seen many acts of kindness and humanity emerge from the tragedy. Ross Taylor shares his thoughts on this 12 years on.

Please enjoy more new posts:

"Mending Indo Relations will Help Keep Terror Risk at Bay," by Ross B Taylor, October 2014.
The consensus in Indonesia is a thorough deligitimisation of IS, so let's make sure we are on board with anti-terrorism efforts.

"Indonesia's Future Economic Wellbeing Defined," by Alya Nurshabrina, October 2014.
A must read student essay submitted for ii's writing competition. Does a roaring economy make a difference to the many Indonesians still struggling to get by? Feel free to comment and tell us what you think of Alya's article.

"Not a Democracy," by Desi Anwar, October 2014.
Jokowi's presidential powers have been undermined before his job has even begun, with his term promising to be one of constant blockade and struggle.

"West Papua Independence Activists Accuse Indonesia of using Students as Spies," by Hamish Fitzsimmons, October 2014.
Niggling worries from abroad: the Indonesian Government knows and cares about the proponents of Papuan Independence.

"Why Dialogue Matters for Papua," by Mangadar Situmorang, October 2014.
Papuan self-determination has been an issue for nearly fifty years. Can Jokowi open a meaningful communication channel?

In other news:

Art found in Sulawesi caves was dated 40,000 years old, among the earliest recorded examples of human art.

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