Monday, April 13, 2015

New posts this week: Reformasi, the Bali Nine, communism, childcare and sectarianism

Selamat datang ke Indonesia Today,

Tolong menikmati para post yang baru. The Asian African Conference is scheduled for next week and Jakarta is sparing no expense to make the city presentable - or secure. If only those thousands of cleaners and police could clean up the real muck - corruption. If you've got the stomach to follow the impenetrable twists and turns of Indonesian football, check out why the Ministry of Sports is being threatened with FIFA sanctions. There are two main leagues - the ISL and the IPL and the 'official' league switches from year to year with constant disputes over legitimacy.

In another corruption story, the KPK 'witchhunt' is still in full swing and despite concerted attempts by corruption suspects and the National Police to undermine the institution's standing and authority, the KPK just arrested one of my least favorite politicians, Suryadharma Ali, from the Ministry of Religion, on suspicion of embezzlement. Who would have thought?

Happy Paskah - lebih baik terlambat daripada tidak sama sekali!


Please enjoy this week's posts:

'Can Indonesians save the remnants of Reformasi?' by Warren Doull, March 2015.

'Bali Nine duo lost in malaise of domestic discontent,' by Ross B. Taylor, April 2015.

'A new ideology to replace the threat of communism in Indonesia?' by Warren Doull, April 2015.

'Echoes of Middle East strife rattle Indonesia,' by Erwida Maulia, April 2015.

'Overseas help won't solve Australia's childcare problems: Bill Shorten.' by The Guardian, April 2015.

Extra reading:

But does Bill have it all wrong? Asian Au Pairs are potentially a boon for both Indonesia and Australia; socially, culturally and economically. My new article in the latest issue of the Strategic Review.

Check out Inside Indonesia's new edition. Its focus is youth employment prospects and aspirations.

Burmese fishermen enslaved on remote Indonesian island are free.

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