Friday, May 29, 2015

New posts: Why do some states have the death penalty and others do not? Jokowi is getting more polarising as time goes on - saint or sinner? Home grown heroes in East Java and more

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Tolong menikmati artikel di dalam blog resmi Indonesia Institute.

Recently the Perth US Asia Centre, with the support of the Indonesia Institute (Inc) has decided to set up a Joint Working Group of non-political people, to address the issues of rebuilding - and adding value to - the Indonesia-Australia relationship following the recent execution of the Bali Nine duo.

Members will be selected from academics, business, NGO's  and past senior public servants. We hope to form a similar group in Indonesia as well and keep the people to people ties strong.


Please enjoy these new posts:

Why Indonesia kills - part one, by Lauren Gumbs, May 2015.

Member comment - reply to 'Joko Widodo's intense nationalism stalls regional leadership', by Doug Cole, May 2015.

Joko Widodo's intense nationalism stalls regional leadership, by Rowan Callick, May 2015.

The sacred legacy of Surabaya's heroes, by Duncan Graham, May 2015.

Former Ambassador to Indonesia, Greg Moriarty, named new anti-terror co-ordinator, by James Bennett, May 2015.

Risky business, in Asian Business Traveller, April 2015.

Extra reading:

After threatening (once again) to ban Indonesia's professional league because of the government's meddling, FIFA's own corruption has caught up with it. Indonesia is watching carefully as it hopes to get out of the ban.

But nobody really believes they will be sanctioned. After all FIFA is more corrupt than Football Indonesia. Right?

But in true Jokowi style the president isn't worried if Indonesia has some 'time off' from international football. In fact he thinks it will do a world of good.

Blink and you could miss it, until it takes effect; the encroaching military presence in politics.

Deforestation issue still unmet by extension to partial-clearing moratorium. Civil society groups say it's not good enough.

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