Sunday, December 8, 2013

Blogs this Week: analysis of Indonesia's reactions to spying, Australia implicated in violent history, and Abbott's crumbling Indocentric vision.

Please view these new posts:

"Australian Spying in Jakarta: Indonesian Reactions- Part One," By Professor Colin Brown, December 2013.

"Revisionist Military History Points Fingers at Frenemy Australia," By Lauren Gumbs, December 2013.

"Abbott Hits a Dead End in Indonesia," By Mark Latham, December 2013, The Australian Financial Review.

Other articles of interest:

SBY concerned about rising tensions in East Asia.

Human trafficking and domestic servitude in Australia: Some of the arguments II will face in regards to lobbying for domestic worker visa schemes will focus around workers' high level vulnerability.

Labour trafficking does occur in Australia and has relatively recently gained AFP attention.

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