Monday, December 16, 2013

New Posts: old school perspectives not working, spying reactions part two, domestic worker industry for Australia?, and still flagging coalition led diplomacy.

Please enjoy these latest posts. The Indonesia Institute's blog will recess for Christmas and resume again mid January apart from a few posts to keep people updated with any important developments in the Australia Indonesia relationship. We wish everyone a fabulous happy New Year.

 "Extended 'holiday' doesn't bode well for Indo-Australia relations" By Ross B.Taylor, January 2014.

"Nationalism or New Geography for Indonesian Workers?" By Lauren Gumbs, December 2013.

"Australian Spying in Jakarta: Indonesian Reactions Part Two," By Colin Brown, December 2013.

"Old-World Assumptions Still Cruel Australia's Dealings with Indonesia," By Hugh White, December 2013.

 And links to additional reading:

Human rights scores a blight on presidential candidates.

Identity crisis: Australia is looking in the rear view mirror.

Skilling up Indonesia's workforce means rethinking university standards.

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