Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Posts this week: Notorious Form 80, do we really look like a food bowl? and results of the legislative elections

Please enjoy this week's new posts:

"Form 80: Stopping refugees in their tracks," by Lauren Gumbs, April 2014.
This immigration security clearance is an exclusionary tool responsible for the impasse where refugees are denied entry to Australia, but cannot go home.

"Trade deal opens huge opportunity - and challenges - in agriculture," by Ross B. Taylor, April 2014.
We might not be the food bowl of Asia, but we can certainly provide agriculture expertise.

"Indonesia's legislative election: a vote for moderation?" by Dominic Berger, April 2014.
After the competition for seats in the House of Representative, party elites are busy cementing coalitions.

And if you are interested:

Bets are still on for Jokowi to take office in October.

Hats off to Indonesia for coming as far as it has in such a short time.

Islamic parties did ok in the legislative elections, but still falling short of nationalist parties.

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