Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New posts this week: The Hon Paul Grigson is back in Jakarta, sex segregation on buses, grass roots perspectives on the train, and addressing lost opportunities because of visa strangleholds.

Selamat datang,

Minggu ini kami lihat Ambassador Paul Grigson kembali ke pos dia setelah ketegangan hubungan Aus-Indo lagi. Dia kembali dengan tenang dan mungkin berharap untuk medapatkan banyak hal dilakukan sebelum cegukan berikutnya mempengaruhi kerja antara kedua negara kita. And we know there will be another hiccup. It's inevitable really, but it's how we deal with it and move forward that matters.

Tolong menikmati artikel yang baru:

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Bali Nine executions: Australia's ambassador returns to Jakarta, by The Guardian, June 2015.

Heard the news?

Chris Barnes has been appointed as the Western Australian Government's regional Director to Indonesia, and will take-up his post later this month.

Chris has worked in Indonesia previously and was also a past National President of the Australia-Indonesia Business Council (AIBC).

Ross Taylor, President of the Perth-based Indonesia Institute (Inc) worked alongside Chris Barnes as his National Vice-President for three years.

"Chris is a complete professional," said Ross. "He is articulate, highly strategic and a very good thinker. He has an enormous range of very high-level contacts in both Indonesia and Australia and as such will serve WA, and Australia-Indonesia relations, well."

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