Monday, March 9, 2015

Flashback photos from Jakarta in the 60s

Indonesia Institute member and former Australian government official, Roy Stall, kindly donated some of his treasured memories from a stint in Jakarta in the late 60s. 

"The Australian Embassy owned or leased 4-5 bungalows at Tugu, where staff could go for weekends in the cooler environment in 'the hills' - we had them on a roster basis and often we took friends along as they had 2-3 bedrooms, and a caretaker - who would care for the gardens and also cook if need be.  Some even had fireplaces! I'm told Tugu is now 'chockers' with resorts, weekenders, etc., and the road there is clogged on Friday afternoons as people escape the oppressive heat of Jakarta."

Check out his photos from 1968:

Bogor in 1968

Roy's car outside his residence

Local mosque at dawn

Stunning views of the moutains outside Jakarta

A rice carrier on the beach

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